BRC global standards were originally created by the British Retailers Consortium. The organization is an influential international trade association with a wide range of retailers including large multinational retail chains, department stores, town stores, online stores, and more. 2016 years later, a change in the legal entity of BRC's global standards gave the brand a deeper meaning: Brand Reputation through Compliance.

BRC Global Standard includes´╝Ü

  • BRC Global Standard - Food Safety
  • BRC Global Standard - Consumer Products
  • BRC Global Standard - Packaging and Packaging Materials
  • BRC Global Standard - Storage and Distribution
  • BRC Global Standard - Agents and Brokers


BRC's current 5 standards are recognized by GFSI. Many well-known domestic and foreign companies, such as walmart, Disney, burger king and starbucks, are members of the GFSI, and all recognize the competence of the manufacturing enterprises holding this certificate. BRC global standards currently has more than 28,000 certified companies in 130 countries.

Relative information can be checked on BRC Official Site, qualification information can be enquiried on BRC Directory, also can click here to check it directly.